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Ricoh instructions for scanning to USB drives:

  1. Insert USB. USB port is on the side of touch screen control panel (see image)
  2. Select scanner function (control panel, lower left)
  3. Select "Store File" (top middle of touch screen)
  4. Select "Store to memory device" and OK
  5. Place document on glass or in top feed tray
  6. Begin scanning with the Start button (control panel, lower right)
  7. Once you scan all the pages from a document (e.g. book chapter), press the "#" key to save it as a single file to the USB (NOTE: scans from feed tray auto-save to USB, and don't require pressing #)
  8. The copier will inform you when it's safe to remove the USB


Comments (2)

  1. The Store File option does not show up on one of our MP 2554 .. it DOES have a USB port on the side of the panel as shown above. can USB port be disabled? .. I have not been able to find anything in the configuration WIF for disabling the USB port .
    by DSchwenk on May 02, 2018.
  2. Sorry! Can't help with that. This is just a FAQ for library users at our institution.
    by Greg Morrison on May 02, 2018.

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